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QGC - Vacancies  

Vacancies at QGC, a leading natural gas explorer and producer focused on establishing the world's first project to convert gas from coal seams into liquefied natural gas - Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG). QCG activities are focused in southern to central Queensland (Australia).

RAMBOLL - Careers 

Careers at Ramboll, a multi-disciplinary engineering, design and consultancy company working across several markets: Buildings, Transport, Environment, Energy, Oil & Gas, Management Consulting and Cross-market services. Head office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

RASGAS - National and Expats Recruitment

RASGAS - National and Expats Recruitment 

RasGas oversees and manages all the operations associated with seven LNG trains, two sales gas production facilities, two helium production facilities, and major shipping contracts and global commercial partnerships. The company has developed world-class offshore and onshore facilities for the extraction, processing, liquefaction and storage of gas from Qatar’s North Field. Headquarter in Doha, Qatar.


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